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Mirrored Putting Gate


Visio’s Mirrored Putting Gate is a great game improvement training aid, suitable for players of all skill levels, that delivers so much from one device.

With 3 different gate width settings, it has something to offer for every player from beginner to advanced. The device provides instant feedback on your ability to start putts on your intended start line, one of the most important skills required in putting. Easily change the gate width with the magnetic gate post to increase the difficulty.

Once the device is set up to your intended start line you can use the back edge of the mirror to gain immediate feedback on clubface alignment at address and visually observe what a square face relative to your start line looks like.

The mirrored surface provides feedback on eye position, eyeline and head position.

The gate can be used indoors and outdoors and has holes for tee pegs to be inserted to pin the mirror to a putting green. Can be used on straight putts and breaking putts.


Mirrored Putting Gate

The Visio Mirroed Putting Gate is a versatile and innovative training aid that will provide the player with specific feedback on their ability to hit their intended starting line, one of the most important skills required in putting.

The mirrored device has 3 different width ‘gate’ settings that hold in place 2 magnets. If the ball starts outside of the required degree of accuracy on each setting then the ball will collide with the magnet providing both visual and auditory feedback.

The 3 settings offer the golfer the challenge of being able to start the ball within 0.5, 0.75 or 1 degree of accuracy. The setting closest to the ball requires less than 1 degree of accuracy. The 2nd closest setting requires less than 0.75 degree of accuracy while the setting furthest away requires less than 0.5 degree of accuracy. An interesting test when you consider at 10 ft 1 degree of error would be lined up to the edge of the hole, while at 20ft 0.5 degree of error would also be lined up to the edge of the hole.

Therefore on a straight 10-foot putt, you will need to develop accuracy of less than 1 degree of error in your starting line to be successful.

Training with the Putting Gate will not only help to develop the skill of being able to hit your starting line but also give the golfer clear feedback on any directional patterns there may be.

Being able to start the ball through the gate will give you precise feedback on your clubface angle at impact. The face angle accounts for approximately 90% of the ball’s starting line. If you hit the left gate the putter face is most likely closed at impact whereas hitting the right gate the putter face is most likely open at impact.

Another benefit of the Mi Putting Gate is that it will also give you feedback on your putter face alignment set-up.

When you set up the putting gate to your target (by aligning the centre line on the device) you can square the putter to the edge of the device which will give you visual feedback as to what the putter looks like when square to your ball to target line.

Using the device on breaking putts will also help you establish if you have any specific patterns on certain types of putts such as accuracy of predicting the correct break, your aim relative to read and ability to start the ball on your intended line.


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